Former captain on Hugh Freeze: ‘I can understand why people would be scared and afraid of him’

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On July 20, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze resigned from his position after it was revealed that he had made a phone call to an escort service.

Freeze presented the vibe that he is a strong, Christian man as well as someone who was trying to help people, whether that be through college football or his own nonprofit organization. But since his resignation, coupled with the NCAA allegations made against Ole Miss in his time at the school, some have wondered what kind of person Freeze really is.

Josh Peters of USA Today attempted to answer that question and dug as far back as Freeze’s time as a high school coach at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tenn. Peters reveals that Freeze could be an intimidating figure as well as  someone who could display inappropriate behavior.

“John Wayne is the best comparison I can make in that it’s not a guy you want to go up against,’’ James Allison, a captain on Freeze’s 2004 football team at Briarcrest, said of Freeze. “So I can understand why people would be scared and afraid of him and, if something were to happen, why they might not feel completely comfortable going forward with that.”

Peters also spoke to several female students who attended Briarcrest and noted that Freeze displayed strange behavior. One student said that Freeze made her change out of her Grateful Dead T-shirt in his office instead of doing so in a bathroom. The student said that Freeze did nothing sexual but was still off-put by his behavior.

Freeze did issue a response to USA Today regarding the accusations.

“These accusations are totally false. I can unequivocally say that during my time at Briarcrest Christian School I handled disciplinary issues professionally and in accordance with the school’s policy. I am very confident that the members of the administration who worked hand in hand with me during my tenure will verify that,” Freeze said.

The man Freeze replaced at Ole Miss, Houston Nutt, is suing the school after he claims that the school, led by Freeze, attempted to smear his name with regard to the NCAA investigation. Matt Luke has replaced Freeze at Ole Miss on an interim basis.

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