Fan Sound Off: Proud Texas A&M fan proclaims ‘we proved that Alabama is beatable’


Texas A&M can walk away from its 27-19 loss to No. 1 Alabama knowing at least one thing: The Aggies pushed the Crimson Tide like no other team has done this season.

Kellen Mond threw for 237 yards and a touchdown and added a 1-yard scoring run with 17 seconds remaining to cut the Tide lead to one score.

Was that effort enough for Texas A&M fans? Check out what they’s saying below.

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Terri Marshall: Am so proud. We sacked the quarterback, we recovered a fumble, we got a safety and only lost by 8 points. Way to go Aggies

Nick Inberg: Played head to head with a team that has annihilated everyone in their path. Hate moral victories, but I am good with this one

Troy Baxter: At the end of the day, we proved that Alabama is beatable, but it takes a lot of work to do it.

Janet Joyce Keel Butler: A fantastic game — so much better than everyone expected (especially Alabama!!) & I’m proud of all of the players — and of the fans for making so much noise for 3 1/2 straight hours!!

Paula Lobb: Great game! Take away the interception on the 1 yard line and we may have taken the win. Proud of the fight the Ags showed tonight.

Lin Fink: A&M defense was spectacular in the 2nd half limiting the big play and keeping them in the game. Alabama is definitely the best team in the country. Now ride the momentum into Gainesville.

Duwayne Hunter: Proud of my Aggies!!! I believe we left several points out on the field but we didn’t get dominated like everyone said we would!!! A 25.5 underdog & lost by 8!!! Enough said!!!

Kelly A Clarke: I was disappointed that we didn’t win. I am very proud of our guys. Mond was very poised. Christian Kirk rocked. They never gave up. Nobody gave them a chance but showed they were pretty tough. Scared the gumps and the angry look on Saban’ s face was priceless. I think these guys have learned a lot, built some confidence, and will work on some things and be a force to be reckon with the rest of the season.

Jacob Barnett: Defense is getting better and Mond is going to be a stud, proud that they hung in there if that onside kick would have been a little better we may of had a shot to tie it.

Melanie Harper: Aggies did awesome with the exception of a few plays; wasn’t a blowout like everyone thought it was going to be – great job Aggies!!!

John Glenn: Great game, forced an Alabama turnover. Alabama last turnover was November 2016. Let’s win the rest of the games. Gig’em!

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